CLAP! CLAP! + FABRIZIO MAMMARELLA live at Stazione Gauss

✔ aftershow ► Valentino Orsini & Giovi Mariani.
Sabato, 23 Gennaio 2016
Stazione Gauss, Piazzale Falcone e Borsellino, 17
Clap! Clap!, Fabrizio Mammarella
Valentino Orsini & Giovi Mariani

Stazione Gauss, Dalla Cira - Produzioni e Urban Cafè, in collaborazione con 3D / DNA DANCE DEPARTMENT, presentano:

✔ Clap Clap, Fabrizio Mammarella ► sab 23 gennaio 2016 ► Stazione Gauss

✔ aftershow ► Valentino Orsini & Giovi Mariani

✆ Orari

● apertura porte circolo ore 18.00

● apertura sala concerti ore 22.30

✆ Line-up

● Clap Clap;

● Fabrizio Mammarella;

● Valentino Orsini & giovi Mariani.

✆ Info:

● tessera CSEN obbligatoria stagione 2015/2016.



■ Stazione Gauss - P.le Falcone e Borsellino 17 Pesaro (PU), a fianco della stazione ferroviaria, uscendo a sinistra.



■ Progetto grafico: Gianluca Valletta - Incubo alla Balena/Dodograffi Serigrafie.



Clap! Clap! is longtime Jazz player Cristiano Crisci, also known in electronic circles as Digi G’Alessio. With cross genre accolades and support spanning the globe he is already established a one of Italy’s brightest talents. Clap! Clap!’s global rhythms owe as much debt to the Inuit tribes of Alaska as they do the Staccato footwork of Chicago and West African percussion. Cristiano’s music features traditional Italian folk rhythms and melodies mixed with a global harvest of found-sounds smashed through an electronic beat machine mindstate.

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Fabrizio Mammarella is currently working with different projects: Telespazio, The Clap Rules band, Black Spuma and he’s also recording some material with Roman artist Rodion. His production and style are a mixture of electronic disco, house, dub and psychedelic proto-house. He also co-runs Slow Motion Records with Franz Underwear since 2009, releasing music by Italian producers only.

His first release is Panorama EP back in 2004 on Steve Koteys Hairy Claw imprint. The record got amazing feedback and “Way Out’ got included in Panorama Bar 04 compilation mixed by Nick Hoppner. Since then he has made solo records, remixes and collaborations with Kotey himself, The Emperor Machine and Chaz Jankel; and for labels such as Bear Funk, Tiny Sticks, Supersoul, Brontosaurus and Rollerboys, just to name a few. Between the most influencing remixes: In Fagranti on Codek, Nteibint on Kitsunè, Michoacan “In the Dark of the Night” on DFA records and Etienne De Crecy “Binary” both as Clap Rules. The “Tear Up” single on Bear Funk got picked by Ivan Smagghe for Fabric Live 23 compilation and led to Fabrizio mixing “Rools for Rules” Vol 2 for the English label.

2015 is set to be as busy as ever with a new Fabrizio Mammarella Ep on Slow Motion, a new Clap Rules Ep and a Telespazio album on Hell Yeah Records.

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